Statement from Warren Mayor Jim Fouts on Macomb County Public Works Office Finding of E-Coli Samplings in 2 Warren Drains

Yesterday afternoon (12/19/17) Public Works Commissioner Candice Miller contacted Mayor Fouts’ office and indicated that during inspection of Macomb County storm drains, two locations at connections from the City of Warren were found to have high coliform counts.

Warren Mayor James Fouts immediately directed the city’s staff including the Public Service Director, the City Engineer, and the head of our wastewater treatment operations to investigate the source of these high coliform levels.  Crews have already been out today inspecting these storm sewers and taking samples for analysis.

Mayor Fouts wants to stress that this is totally unrelated to the drinking water supply and that our drinking water supply is completely safe.

Furthermore, it does not appear that these high coliform counts pose any imminent environmental threat.  It should also be noted that coliform bacteria is found in the intestines of all warm-blooded animals and that these high counts could be the result of wildlife in the area.

Warren Residents Can Contact Todd Schaedig P.E. – Warren Facilities Engineer – Phone: 586-264-2530 ext: 8203



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