New proposed bills (HB 6049 & SB 1025) in the state legislature will take away local control from cities and impede economic development.

This legislation would be a major obstacle to large economic plans in any city. This could impede economic growth and development in Warren. It appears that lobbyists for special interest are behind this.

This is a sneak attack against local control!

All hands on deck needed to stop this!

Where is the outrage from other communities?

The new proposed bills, House Bill 6049 (HB 6049) and Senate Bill 1025 (SB 1025) in the state legislature will take away local control from cities. This would remove the City of Warren’s ability to attract and retain new taxpayers. This would also eliminate local boards of review.

This would likely require Warren and other cities to include a 1% administration fee requirement. This becomes a tax on tax. Companies seeking a tax abatement would no longer have to get the approval of the city but could bypass the city to get approval at the regional level.

This is BIG government at its worst. Companies could locate in Warren without any concern for the needs of the city. Could also cost the city millions in tax abatement’s and oversight since they would no longer have the city to monitor whether or not they are keeping their commitment to jobs and investment.  Little people appealing their taxes would have to go before a regional board NOT a local board.

This bill shortchanges our city and our taxpayers. Big question to those supporting this: Does this provide better services and products for citizens in our city? Or is it a way for big corporations to avoid the scrutiny of local governments?


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