Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer at my request has directed uniformed and undercover Warren Police officers to patrol all 32 election locations on Tuesday November 3 to ensure that voting in the city of Warren will be safe and to guarantee that everyone’s constitutional right to vote without fear of violence or intimidation.

As a former American Government instructor, Warren Mayor Fouts believes that it is critical that everyone vote and that all voices will be heard. Due to the many calls he has received expressing fear that the voting will not be safe, Mayor Fouts felt that it is important that we alleviate any perceived fear on the part of the voters that there is nothing to fear and everything to gain by voting in Warren.

City Clerk Sonja Buffa has also expressed the need for additional police on election day to ensure a safe and smooth election.

This also means helping to encourage safe distancing while waiting in line on election day.

Strong suggestion: Come prepared with a mask, gloves, and patience while waiting in line to vote!