Warren Mayor James Fouts Distributes Free “No Peddlers” Window Stickers

In response to complaints by City of Warren residents about peddlers, salespersons and solicitors at their homes, Mayor James Fouts is distributing free window stickers that read:

no solicitors

“The complaints I receive daily are about individuals knocking on their doors or ringing their doorbells trying to sell items,” said Mayor Fouts in a statement, adding that these individuals have become a nuisance to the residents of Warren.

“Senior scam artists have become all too frequent in our city.  Hopefully, display of this sticker on the door or window will eliminate this threat,” said Fouts, who initiated a police task force to fight scammers targeting senior citizens and directed the City of Warren Police to prosecute scam artists.

“They knock on a door, make ridiculous promises and walk away with an unsuspecting residents cash,” said Warren Mayor James Fouts in a statement.

“As our senior population grows, we get more reports of scam artists, especially in warmer weather.” The Mayor added.