Warren City Hall closed to the public this week due to a significant spike in COVID-19 cases amongst city employees involving several departments.

One key department administrator is now on a ventilator at a nearby hospital. He is sedated until his oxygen levels will significantly go up. City of Warren Police Department and District Court also has significant spikes. The Warren Community Center and Libraries will be open at this time. Warren Mayor Fouts urges everyone to continue wearing masks, keeping a distance from others and only go out if absolutely necessary.

The predicted spike in COVID-19 cases has now hit Michigan and Warren. We have more employees positive than at any other time since this pandemic began in March. Hence the closure of city hall to the public.

Mayor Fouts is taking steps to make sure all employees are tested. The City is currently disinfecting the court, city hall, and the police department.  The court also has a significant number out with COVID-19 so they too will be closed except for important cases!