City Leadership Working With Southern Macomb Warthogs and Warren Chamber of Commerce to Provide Aid to Those in Need

Warren Mayor Fouts announced this effort on Sunday at the City’s Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, a community-wide effort to provide much needed aid to individuals and families in Kentucky whose communities were devastated by the recent tornado outbreak.  The effort will be in coordination with the Southern Macomb Warthogs and the Warren Chamber of Commerce.

The pictures coming out of Kentucky of entire communities devastated by the recent tornados are heartbreaking. Even worse, these tragedies come just as we enter the Christmas and holiday season. I know the heart of our Warren community which is why I’m glad to work with leaders in our community to offer whatever aid we can to those in need.

“In this season of hope, it is vital that those of us who can step forward to help in any way we can,” said Warren Chamber of Commerce President John Johnson.  “Together we can share our blessings to those whose lives have been turned upside down to let them know that we care for our fellow Americans in need.”

“Our organization exists to help support first responders who are so dedicated to our community, but now we all need to step forward to help those whose lives have been devastated,” said Southern Macomb Warthogs President Nick Chacur. “We are proud to work with Mayor Fouts and the Warren Chamber on this important effort and our members will deliver all of the blessings of our community to those in need in Kentucky.”

Hard working people of our country deserve any help that we can give them. In the age of global warming this could happen to any state and anyone at any time. Let’s do our best to assist fellow Americans! Thank You!

Both the Warren Chamber of Commerce and Southern Macomb Warthogs will donate $5,000 to Kentucky Relief efforts.  Mayor James Fouts’ Office at Warren City Hall will serve as the collection point for donated items from city residents.

Mayor Fouts is urging those who are interested in helping out people in need to join with me in a drive to collect items in need that can be dropped off at his office at Warren City Hall between 9am and 5pm each day:

Non-perishable food items
Medical supplies

If residents want to donate money they can give to a fund set up by the Governor of Kentucky to assist residents whose lives have been devastated at: