Earth Day is this Thursday – With that in mind I have vetoed the council proposal from last week to allow open burning in the city until 1 AM. This is the exact opposite of what Earth Day is about. It’s about protecting the environment and limiting the warming of the planet. This ordinance contributes toward greenhouse gasses and climate change.
Some specifics of my concern:

1) While many may think that it is a right of people to burn. I remind you that your right to burn ends where my nose begins.*

2) If smoking is no longer allowed in open places because of health concerns then why are we allowing open burning next to a person’s home. Both smoke from a fire and smoke from a cigarette are carcinogens and greatly contribute toward lung problems.

3) COVID-19 today has adversely affected the lungs of those exposed and may further damage others. Why expose residents already affected by COVID-19 to a smoldering toxic smoke?
4) Furthermore, many people have compromised lungs due to a variety of ailments including:

A) Asthma

B) Bronchitis


D) Lung cancer 

E) Heart disease 

F) Emphysema 

G) And many other allergies and health conditions adversely affected by smoke.  
5) The right to sleep and breath fresh air not polluted by smoldering smoke from a burning fire pit until well past 1 AM.
6) According to Fire Commissioner Skip McAdams this ordinance will end up pitting neighbor against neighbor and will place fire department employees in the middle of a nasty dispute. Fire Fighters jobs are to put out fires not put out fires between waring neighbors over open pit fire burning until 1 AM.
7) Currently as long as you get along with your neighbors and there are no adverse winds then you will be allowed to use your fire pit. If everyone exercises respect and consideration for their neighbors this will unofficially be allowed. Thus, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”!*Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s it was cool to smoke, and many did it! People were warned about the hazards of secondary smoke but most disregarded it. Now that science has proven beyond a doubt that smoking kills and so does secondary smoke it is no longer allowed in public places. Smoke from burning wood poses the same hazard. Why place that hazard in your neighbor’s bedroom at night when they are trying to sleep?
PLEASE Warren City Council support my veto and support the right of every citizen in Warren to sleep free of smoldering smoke hazards!