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Illegal Council Actions Could Needlessly Cost Warren Taxpayers Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

Warren Mayor James Fouts released the following statement after the Warren City Council took actions in a “Special Meeting” Tuesday night in a meeting that wasn’t properly noticed. The actions taken also violated multiple sections of the City Charter.

“On Tuesday night the Warren City Council held a “special” city council meeting, which was not properly noticed in an attempt to hide their actions, in order to take an action in total contradiction to our city charter,” said Warren Mayor James Fouts.

“And they did it all in the midst of the greatest health crisis in history. The focus of everyone in city government should be on dealing with this pandemic and supporting Warren families, it is certainly mine, but the focus of city council is clearly to do the bidding of outsiders. This council has repeatedly violated the City of Warren charter by attempting to hire an attorney and costly law firm without the proper checks and balances, when we already have a city attorney.  They earmarked tens of thousands of dollars just for the first initial payment for another attorney, when we have five full time attorneys employed by the taxpayers. The vote was 5-2 with council members Angela Rogensues and Eddie Kabacinki opposing this wasteful spending effort and charter violation.”

“As the Mayor of Warren, it is my duty to defend our city against actions in violation of the Charter approved by the people.  I urge City Council to reconsider their actions, but if they do not, I will veto those actions.  If this rogue Council overrides the veto, I will not sign an illegal contract and I will instruct all city officials to take no administrative actions in furtherance these illegal acts of council. Council is not above the charter and the must abide the rule of law or ultimately face the consequences,” Warren Mayor James Fouts concluded.