A Warren Resident is in Jail After Illegally Renting Out City-Owned Home

Daniel Ray Rietdorf, a Warren resident, is in the City of Warren jail after he was arrested by Warren police for illegally collecting rent for a city-owned home.   The house, located at 12748 Georgiana in the 8 Mile – Schoenherr neighborhood, was purchased by the city from the county treasurer on August 8, 2016 for non-payment of property taxes for three consecutive years, and is currently owned by the City of Warren.


Daniel Rietdorf, who resides at 20904 Waltham in the same neighborhood, was charged by Warren police for obtaining a money under false pretenses after illegally collecting cash payment for rent on a house which he had no legal right to.


According to the victims of Rietdorf’s scam, the individuals who made the payments, they were told by Rietdorf that “his aunt owned the house and she was giving the house to him.”  Rietdorf had taken $435 from the two occupants, who have since agreed to vacate the property.  According to a statement from Warren Mayor James Fouts, [Rietdorf’s] “scam was one of the worst he has seen as mayor.”


“Two families who thought Rietdorf was the legitimate owner paid him cash thinking he was the landlord. To me, that’s outright theft,” said Mayor James Fouts in a statement.