Mayor James Fouts is excited about the first real snow fall this season!

Speaking at the senior Christmas Fantasy Dance sponsored by the recreation department. Good cheerful crowd! Shared with them what a really wonderful time of the year it is and shared his love of the season and snow!
Mayor James Fouts remembers going out to a tree lot with his Father on Christmas Eve to get an economical Christmas tree. His father liked to negotiate on Christmas Eve  and usually got a good deal for a lonely not chosen tree.

The Christmas movie “A Christmas Story” always reminds me of my childhood growing up the 1950’s. We did everything on Christmas Eve from stringing lights up on the porch to stringing lights round the Christmas Tree.

The Mayor recalls that heavy silver tinsel and ornaments that were in use when his mother was a small girl. Every string of tinsel was hung up individually with love and care! In the background was always Christmas music playing including the classic Bing Crosby “Dreaming of a White Christmas”. Bobby Helms “Jingle Bell Rock” was another favorite. It was always a very festive time with a spirit of giving and love in the air! People then and now were more giving and more forgiving. So “Let it Snow. Let It Snow”!