Warren Mayor James Fouts is announcing the opening of an emergency shelter at the Warren Community Center following one of the worst emergency situations in the City of Warren since the record flooding in 2014, which casused massive power outages throughout the city.

Because temperatures over the next 72 hours will be in the lower teens, Mayor Fouts immediatly authorized the opening of emergency shelter, which will offer approximately 125 sleeping cots, food and beverages will be available (provided by the Warren Salvation Army).  The shelter will be manned by CERT emergency volunteers with police presence for security purposes.

The City of Warren estimates that there are 360 shut-ins, and that roughly 10,000 Warren customers do not have power, some for as long as 10 more days.

It is also estimated the weather will be very cold for the next week which is the length of time DTE estimates it will need to restore power.  This is unacceptable for those forced to live in these conditions.  As Mayor of Warren, I will ask Congressman Levin and other state elected officials for help immediately.

The City of Warren Fire Department estimates there are 70 downed primary electrical wires, 100 secondary ones and 28 non-functioning traffic signals. 

The City of Warren Police department reported that every patrol car was on the road.

The City of Warren, one of the hardest hit communities in Macomb County following “the largest weather event in its history, with gusts over 60 m.p.h. hammering southeast Michigan,” is quickly responding to the worst emergency situation since the August 14, 2014 record flooding.