Mayor Fouts recently attended a special event honoring the Paslin Company for it’s 80 years of service.

Paslin Co. is a leading innovator in the concept, design, construction and deployment of assembly and welding automation systems headquartered in Warren, Mi, and has been providing unique solutions to the global automotive industry since 1937.

However, the real tribute should go to the former owner Dan Pasque and his father who founded the company.

Dan Pasque is a real leader, civic minded, and the father of very successful children. He has a grandson who is currently a judge at Macomb Circuit Court.  Dan Pasque is a a leader among leaders and a real decent honest individual.

Sorry that the company did not spend more time honoring Dan. Dan Pasque made Paslin company what it is today!

Congratulations to Dan Pasque and his family for a great company and a passion for public service. Mr. Pasque and his company have made Warren proud for 80 years!